The State of 5G

As Networks Expand, Will Opportunities for Retail and Marketing Live Up to the Hype?

Executive Summary

5G is entering a virtuous cycle of growth. As mobile networks grow and improve, consumers adopt more 5G devices. This, in turn, encourages telecoms to continue their 5G investments and try to get an edge over the competitors with services that meet 5G’s early hype. This report lays out the state of mobile 5G networks and how retailers and marketers can capitalize on short-term opportunities.

Key Question: How is 5G adoption progressing, and what does it mean for retailers and marketers?

KEY STAT: With networks expanding and users jumping on, 5G device subscriptions in the US will grow to 290.5 million by the end of our forecast period in 2026.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Wireless device service subscriptions have plateaued in the US.
  3. 5G users will continue to increase, but growth is peaking now.
  1. 5G has had a slower-than-planned rollout, with a smaller-than-hoped-for impact so far.
  2. Verizon comes out on top in terms of subscriptions, but T-Mobile leads in speed and availability.
  3. In the race for 5G users, service providers are attempting to differentiate themselves from the pack.
  1. 5G hasn’t yet revolutionized the way brands reach consumers—but short-term opportunities are on the horizon.
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