What’s ‘Up Next’ for YouTube

How Brands Can Supercharge Their Strategies with Creators, Commerce, and Shorts

About This Report
Amid TikTok’s meteoric rise, many marketers may be wondering whether YouTube is still relevant. The short answer is yes. But YouTube will need to carve its own niche in creators, commerce, and short video to stay relevant in 2022 and beyond.

Executive Summary

YouTube is still the king of digital video, but it’s facing a big challenge from TikTok. As YouTube shifts its focus to creators, commerce, and Shorts, the opportunities for marketers are growing. But YouTube’s continued relevance isn’t guaranteed, and marketers shouldn’t throw out their YouTube rulebook.

Key Question: How can marketers use short video, new shopping integrations, and creator partnerships on YouTube to drive their businesses forward?

KEY STAT: YouTube and TikTok are neck-and-neck when it comes to time spent among US users, and both are well ahead of the other major social platforms.

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