US Incumbent Bank Digital Trust 2022

How Consumers Rank Trustworthiness of the Top 10 US Banks

Executive Summary

The 10 largest US banks by assets trounced neobanks in our latest US Banking Digital Trust Benchmark. But a few neobanks are starting to punch above their weight on winning consumer trust, threatening to narrow or even close the gap with their legacy rivals. That means incumbents must stay on their toes and protect their trust advantage.

Key Question: What drives incumbent banks’ performance across each of the key dimensions of digital trust?

KEY STAT: Fewer consumers cited their current primary bank or credit union as their most trusted financial services provider this year versus 2021. Incumbents should act now to preserve their trust advantage over digital-only banks.

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Maria Elm


Ona Koehler
Senior Director, Benchmarking
Na Li
Director, Primary Research
Tiffani Montez
Principal Analyst, Banking
Daniel Ramirez
Researcher, Financial Services

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