US Healthcare and Pharma Digital Ad Spending 2022

Adjusting to the New Normal in Digital Engagement

About This Report
The pandemic is becoming endemic, and the changes consumers adapted to in the past two years—such as telehealth and retail health clinics—are here to stay. Healthcare and pharmaceutical advertisers must reassess their digital strategies to boost engagement with consumers and healthcare professionals.

Executive Summary

The pandemic upended everything in healthcare, even advertising. Spending on digital channels surged in 2020 and again in 2021. Now, marketers are grappling with a new landscape where consumers access treatment through video visits, mobile apps, and text messages.

But what’s top of mind for healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers wasn’t caused by the pandemic—it’s the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, even after Google postponed its rollout until late 2024. Advertisers are exploring tools like first-party data and contextual targeting to stay connected to consumers and clinicians alike.

Key Question: What’s driving healthcare and pharma digital ad spending growth today?

KEY STAT: Digital ad spending in the industry will reach $15.84 billion in 2022. Although growth in digital budgets is slowing, we estimate the category will see nearly $20 billion in spending in 2024.

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