Southeast Asia Ecommerce Forecast 2022

Region Set to Surge After Missing Out on Rebound Last Year

Executive Summary

Five of the six countries we cover in Southeast Asia will see booming growth in retail and retail ecommerce sales this year. The region’s ecommerce spending will grow more quickly than anywhere else in the world.


  1. What is the outlook for retail sales and retail ecommerce sales in Southeast Asia in 2022 and beyond?
  2. Which countries in the region will produce standout ecommerce growth this year and through 2025?
  3. Who are the major ecommerce players in Southeast Asia, and what is their outlook? And what’s their status in Indonesia, the region’s biggest market?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our latest regional and country-level forecasts for total retail sales and retail ecommerce in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore). Also, our first forecast for Shopee and Bukalapak in Indonesia.

KEY STAT: In 2022, ecommerce sales in Southeast Asia will reach nearly $90 billion, with almost 65% of the region’s sales coming from Indonesia. The Philippines will lead the region in growth for the next several years.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Key Points
  3. Total Retail and Retail Ecommerce Set to Boom in Southeast Asia in 2022
  1. Expect Standout Growth in Nearly All Markets in the Region
  2. A Look at Southeast Asia’s Major Ecommerce Platforms
  3. Appendix: Digital Buyers in Southeast Asia
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  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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Ethan Cramer-Flood, and Benjamin Silverman


Man-Chung Cheung
Senior Researcher
Brian Lau
Digital Apprentice
Andrew Lipsman
Principal Analyst, Retail & Ecommerce

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