Social Trends to Watch in 2024

AI, Creators, and Search Usher in a New Era as Old Behaviors Reemerge

What’s old in social media is new again as video grows longer and more evergreen, a new wave of social agencies of record emerges, and Gen Z gravitates even more toward private communication. AI, the creator economy, search, and commerce will give those trends a modern twist, but marketers will also have to grapple with the nearly decade-old challenge of navigating social media during an election year.

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Table of Contents

  1. Social media will have a bigger seat at the marketing strategy table
  2. Social video will get longer as platforms chase ad revenues
  3. Engagement will shift further into direct messaging
  1. Search will be the next social commerce battleground
  2. Social media’s subscription experiment will continue
  3. GenAI and the ‘new era of news’ will turbocharge misinformation
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Jasmine Enberg


Minda Smiley
Senior Analyst, Social Media
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Principal Analyst
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Senior Analyst

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