Social Network Ad Spending Forecast

TikTok on the Rise, Meta on the Skids, Twitter on the Ropes

About This Report
Our outlook for social ad spending in 2022 has deteriorated significantly since March. This report breaks down what went wrong in the past nine months, and what’s ahead in the next two years.

Executive Summary

The social ad market is in disarray. Market conditions have gone from bad to worse, and the turmoil at Twitter and Meta’s ill-timed bet on the metaverse have contributed to a major reduction in our outlook for social ad spending in 2022. One bright spot is TikTok, but even it isn’t immune to the challenges facing social media today.


  1. What will US marketers spend on social network advertising through 2024, and how does our latest forecast differ from previous expectations?
  2. How does social network ad spending break down by platform and format?
  3. What’s driving changes in the social advertising ecosystem?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Our latest forecast for US social network ad spending, including breakouts by platform and ad format.

KEY STAT: Our forecast for social network ad spending in 2022 is nearly $10 billion lower than what we predicted just nine months ago. By 2024, the gap between our two most recent forecasts will exceed $20 billion.

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Jasmine Enberg
Principal Analyst
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Forecasting Analyst
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Senior Researcher and Taxonomy Manager
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Senior Analyst

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