Social Media Update Q2 2022

Musk Takes on Twitter, TikTok Gets Hotter, and Meta Loses Sandberg

Executive Summary

This is the latest installment in an ongoing series of updates for the major social media platforms. The goal of each report is to provide a summary of key developments and their implications for marketers.


  1. How will Sheryl Sandberg’s departure from Meta and Elon Musk’s potential acquisition of Twitter impact the companies?
  2. How can marketers take advantage of TikTok’s new ad formats and measurement capabilities?
  3. What does Snap Inc.’s profit warning to investors and increasing focus on augmented reality (AR) commerce mean for marketers?

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Key developments for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter during Q2 2022 and how brands and marketers can navigate those changes.

KEY STAT: TikTok’s ad revenues worldwide will skyrocket by 200.0% to $11.64 billion this year, surpassing those of Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest, but remaining well behind Meta's.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Meta: Sandberg Says Goodbye amid Slowing Revenue Growth
  3. Facebook: Fewer New Product Launches as Priorities Shift
  4. Instagram: Reels Are Getting Longer, and Creators Get Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs)
  1. Twitter: A Potential Musk Takeover, 3D Ads, and Product Drops
  2. TikTok: The App Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Advertisers
  3. Snapchat: Snap Inc. Bets Big(ger) on AR as It Issues Profit Warning
  4. Read Next
  1. Sources
  2. Media Gallery

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