Shopping with AR on Social Media

Consumer Interest Is Rising—Here’s How Brands Can Cash In

As social commerce continues to grow, augmented reality (AR) can help brands deepen customer engagement and personalize the shopping experience. AR is also showing early potential for boosting conversions on social media.

How big is the AR social commerce opportunity?

While shopping with AR is far from mainstream, consumers are steadily warming up to the idea. Social media will be a prime venue for doing so, as users are already playing around with AR filters and lenses to communicate with and entertain each other.

Which platforms are best for AR shopping?

Snapchat is the most developed AR platform, but Instagram is a major contender. Pinterest’s AR tools are designed for beauty brands, while TikTok promises to be a prime venue for creator-led AR. AR shopping is not a current priority for Facebook, even as parent company Meta leans into the metaverse.

What are the main use cases for AR in social commerce?

Beauty and fashion brands are paving the way for AR shopping on social media, using applications like virtual try-on and product personalization or visualization. As the tech develops, opportunities are opening for brands in new industries.

How can brands cash in?

Marketers can use social AR tools to create their own filters, effects, or 3D experiences on social media. The more immersive the experience (including whether it has a direct shopping element), the more time, budget, and resources it will take.

WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Analysis of AR’s role in shopping on social media and how brands can use the technology as part of their social commerce strategies.

KEY STAT: Half of US adults have either used or are at least somewhat interested in using AR or virtual reality (VR) while shopping.

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    Interviewed for This Report

    Chris Abbruzzese
    Bollé Brands
    Vice President, Trade Marketing
    Interviewed October 12, 2021
    Allison Ferenci
    Camera IQ
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Interviewed October 12, 2021
    Melissa Frank
    GroupM’s Catalyst
    Senior Partner and Paid Social Lead
    Interviewed November 5, 2021
    Matt Maher
    M7 Innovations
    Interviewed October 12, 2021
    Carolina Arguelles Navas
    Snap Inc.
    Head of AR Product Strategy and Product Marketing
    Interviewed November 16, 2021
    Elissa Quinby
    Quantum Metric
    Senior Director, Retail Insights
    Interviewed November 5, 2021

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