Salesforce’s Slack is the latest to get juiced by generative AI

The news: Salesforce-owned Slack has a beta-testing waitlist for ChatGPT integration.

  • The generative AI-enhanced business communication tool can craft replies to colleagues in seconds and search for answers about projects and workplace topics, per The Verge.
  • The app version will include a three-dot icon in a given thread with a “Draft reply” option, letting users edit automated responses.
  • Slack’s upgrade coincides with Salesforce unveiling its Einstein GPT, a generative AI offering based on OpenAI tech that can generate sales and marketing emails, answer customer service questions, and write code.

Go big or go home? Salesforce’s move is in line with the trend of tech companies exploring generative AI integration from all product angles.

Look for net value: Generative AI is a powerful but messy technology that warrants careful implementation. Slack’s new bot could be instrumental in helping users quickly find vital information—if it produces accurate and up-to-date responses.

Slack has been a go-to tool for alleviating corporate concerns about remote work hindering collaboration and eroding team cohesion. Allowing AI-generated dialogue between colleagues could result in a little time-saving at the expense of thoughtful workplace interactions.

  • As is the case with marketing emails, crafting personal, authentic messages is worthwhile for professional relationship-building even if generative AI excels at mimicking style and tone.
  • Companies should consider what could be gained as well as what could be lost from AI tool adoption.

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