Salesforce and Adobe's AI innovations are set to transform marketing workflows

The news: Two prominent technology players, Salesforce and Adobe, are taking strides to integrate generative AI into their offerings.

  • Salesforce has introduced Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, AI products set to enhance its Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud by helping businesses automate repetitive tasks and deliver customized campaigns and shopping experiences.
  • In parallel, Adobe has revealed Adobe Firefly for Enterprise, a platform based on its Firefly generative AI model designed to democratize content creation across an organization.

Why it matters: These AI tools could significantly aid the advertising and marketing sectors.

  • Salesforce’s products, set for summer release, will allow the use of natural language prompts for querying data, automating the creation of personalized emails, and generating visual assets.
  • Adobe's Firefly, meanwhile, aims to allow any employee to generate images or copy from text-based descriptions, providing an accessible tool for content creation in various situations.
  • These advancements could revolutionize workflows, lift campaign effectiveness, and boost customer engagement with more personalized experiences.

Our take: The addition of generative AI to these platforms holds promise for marketing and advertising professionals, who see possibilities for unlocking efficiencies and capabilities that were previously unattainable.

  • Business users should be aware of the debates surrounding AI use, particularly concerning copyright issues; “Caution is indeed necessary,” notes principal analyst Kelsey Voss. Adobe has taken steps to mitigate this concern by training Firefly on copyright-safe content.
  • Nonetheless, as AI continues to spread across marketing and advertising, staying informed and adaptable is crucial to harnessing these emerging technologies.

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