Roku remains on top of US CTV device market, trailed closely by Amazon

The forecast: In 2021, US Roku monthly users will increase by 11.5%, reaching 111.7 million monthly users. With these figures, Roku maintains its position as the most-used connected TV (CTV) device in the US market, though Amazon Fire TV is catching up.

Dive Deeper:

  • Roku users now make up a third of the US population.
  • Despite strong performance, we project growth for Roku will slow down over the next few years as the US market becomes more saturated.
  • While Roku has already crossed the 100 million users mark, Amazon Fire TV will see growth of 15.4% in 2021, reaching 97.0 million monthly active users. Amazon will surpass 100 million users next year.
  • Roku remains the top CTV platform in the US, accounting for 51.7% of CTV users. But Amazon Fire TV is much closer now with a penetration rate of nearly 45% among CTV users. Apple TV's penetration is pretty low compared with the rest, at only 13.1% of US CTV users.

Looking ahead: Roku will hit 126.4 million monthly US users in 2025, while Amazon Fire TV will follow closely at 118.6 million users that year.

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