Retail Memberships Forecast 2023

Can Walmart+ and Other New Entrants Compete for Subscription Revenues?

Report Snapshot

Paid memberships can strengthen customer loyalty and be a valuable source of recurring revenues. But the growth of retail membership fee revenues has slowed significantly, suggesting consumers might have hit their ceiling for these subscription services.

Key Question: Which retailers generate the most revenues through paid memberships?

KEY STAT: Amazon Prime will generate the largest share of subscription revenues in the US this year, at 53.1%, dwarfing established wholesale membership clubs and newer entrants like Walmart+.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. Overview: Revenue growth has slowed despite the influx of new paid memberships.
  3. Amazon’s subscription revenues dwarf other leading players', like Costco Wholesale and Sam’s Club.
  4. Walmart+ revenues will continue to grow faster than established memberships.
  1. Amazon Prime user growth has begun to plateau.
  2. Costco’s user growth ebbs and flows but remains remarkably persistent over the long term.
  3. Walmart+ had a meteoric rise but is a long way from competing with the major players.
  4. Delivery services and QSR restaurants are also competing with retailers for subscription revenues.
  1. How should retailers approach paid memberships?
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  3. Media Gallery

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