Retail Media Networks

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After a banner year in 2021, we expect retail media advertising to rise to $52.21 billion by 2023. Dozens of retail media networks have launched over the past few years, with virtually every leading digital marketplace, mass merchandiser, national grocery chain, category-specific retailer, and delivery provider getting into the game.

While competition is driving retail media innovation, many bright spots remain for marketers willing to get ahead of the trends. Curated by eMarketer, this collection of insights, articles, and interviews will help you understand the retail media landscape across key areas, including:

  • The brands leading the charge and what advertisers can learn
  • Which attributes rank highest in retail media marketing and what this says about evolving consumer behaviors
  • Why larger brands are launching their own in-house media companies and how this will impact the future of marketing
  • The evolution of enhanced self-service advertising platforms

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