Retail Media in Canada 2023

What Advertisers Need to Know About the Fastest-Growing Digital Format

Executive Summary

The retail media ecosystem is still nascent in Canada. But it’s the fastest-growing category of digital advertising, mirroring the worldwide trend. For many consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, retail media is now essential for engaging shoppers.

Key Question: How are retail media networks (RMNs) changing the paid media mix in Canada?

KEY STAT: Retail ecommerce sales have more than doubled in Canada since 2019, fueling the growth of RMNs.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. The online shopping boom led to the rise of RMNs.
  3. Retail media is in heavy growth mode at scale.
  4. Retail media is the fastest-growing digital ad segment.
  1. Amazon reigns.
  2. Canada’s RMNs are tied to the most influential brands.
  3. Why do advertisers invest in retail media?
  4. Retail media is now essential for certain product categories.
  1. Challenges and growing pains remain.
  2. Sources
  3. Media Gallery

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