Retail Media Ad Spending Forecast H1 2024

Off-Site Ads’ Rise Sparks a New Era

US retail media ad spending continues to swell. More budget is migrating into off-site channels such as connected TV (CTV) and web publishers’ display inventory. But measurement, standardization, and execution challenges will stop growth from accelerating too quickly.

Key Question: How are retail media’s challenges shaping growth in off-site spending?

Key Stat: Retail media will have a compound annual growth rate of 24.1% between 2024 and 2028.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. US retail media ad spending will grow at a torrid pace
    3. Retail media will account for more than one-quarter of search ad spending in 2024
    4. Retail media display’s balance has begun to shift off-site
    1. Off-site retail media ad spending blooms as advertisers’ options grow
    2. Partnerships and acquisitions powered a significant revision to our retail media CTV forecast
    3. Select company snapshots: Amazon will remain atop the pecking order
    4. EMARKETER Interviews
    1. Sources
    2. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Mike Brunick
    Senior Vice President, Head, Commerce Media
    Interviewed May 6, 2024
    Lynne Kjolso
    Vice President, Global Partner and Retail Media
    Interviewed May 16, 2024
    Shawn McGahee
    Head, Retail Media
    Interviewed May 3, 2024
    John Paquin
    Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
    Senior Director, Brand Activation
    Interviewed May 3, 2024
    Sherry Smith
    Executive Managing Director, Americas
    Interviewed May 8, 2024
    Jordan Witmer
    Associate Director, Omnichannel Retail Media
    Interviewed May 3, 2024

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    Sarah Marzano
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    Director, Forecasting
    Paul Verna
    Principal Analyst