Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast Q1 2023

The World’s Largest Programmatic Market Moves Away From the Open Exchange

Executive Summary

Advertisers are prioritizing programmatic channels as they cope with ongoing economic uncertainty. But the industry is being reshaped by privacy legislation. As a result, spend is shifting into environments where advertisers have more data and more control.


  1. How much will US advertisers spend on programmatic display advertising in 2023?
  2. How does that spending break down by device, format, and transaction method?
  3. How does the US compare with other markets around the world?

KEY STAT: Programmatic display ad spending will grow by 16.9% in the US this year—the highest growth rate of any country we track.

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Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Programmatic ad spending will remain strong in the US this year despite macroeconomic headwinds.
  3. Other countries’ programmatic spending is ramping up, but at varying levels.
  4. Most digital display ads in mature markets now transact programmatically.
  5. Despite global shifts, the US will represent almost half of programmatic digital display ad spending worldwide.
  1. Video formats will dominate US programmatic ad spending as CTV and social video blossom.
  2. CTV is propelling growth in programmatic ad spending.
  3. Advertisers favor closed and private ecosystems for access to data and premium inventory.
  4. Social network advertising on mobile devices skews total share of spend toward programmatic direct.
  5. Advertisers are spending more with more walled gardens.
  1. As the market adjusts for privacy and sustainability, the ‘ad tech tax’ slowly erodes.
  2. How can advertisers get the most from their programmatic strategies in Q2 2023?
  3. Media Gallery

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Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf


Andrew Spink
Forecasting Analyst
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Senior Researcher
Paul Verna
Principal Analyst
Max Willens
Senior Analyst

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