Product Research; Real-Time Updates; Mother's Day

Product Research; Real-Time Updates; Mother's Day

The numbers you need to know today

Social Beats Price Comparison Sites: When it comes to the research stage in the path to purchase, generational differences abound. According to GlobalWebIndex, Gen Zers are far more likely to use social media (47%) than price comparison sites (19%), while the reverse is true for boomers, but not to an extreme degree (33% favored price comparison sites and 26% social media). Both millennials (45%) and Gen Xers (36%) used social media more for product research.

Status Seeking: A YouGov and Infor survey found that 78% of US digital buyers want status updates on their purchases, whether the order is being prepared or out for delivery. Among those who value updates, 78% wanted estimated arrival time, while 29% wanted to track where their goods were in real time. Four in 10 fashion shoppers said they would switch brands if one didn't meet their needs, compared with 20% of auto shoppers. 

Department Stores Lead for Mother's Day: This year, spending on Mother's Day in the US is set to reach $23.1 billion, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Some 86% of US consumers plan to participate in the holiday, and they will spend an average of $180 per person. Flowers (69%) and special outings (55%) are the most popular gifts, and department stores are the leading channel shopped (35%), though online retail is close behind (31%). 

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