Podcast listener growth spurs demand for multilingual content

The trend: Podcast adoption is rising, and demand for non-English content is rising alongside it.

  • In the US, companies such as iHeartMedia, Vice Media Group, and Tinkercast are producing podcasts in non-English languages to tap an increasing international listener base.
  • US bilingual and bicultural digital media platform MundoNow this summer announced the launch of a podcast network called Óyenos Audio to cater mainly to the Hispanic market.

The racial makeup of monthly podcast listeners in the US is almost identical to the spread of the population, according to Edison Research data.

Rise of women: Our US podcasting advertising report identifies other changes among podcast listeners.

  • This year, men will comprise 51.6% of US podcast listeners, while 48.4% will be female. The differences between male and female listenership are diminishing. The male share of total US podcast listeners will decline from 55.5% in 2019 to 50.0% in 2026.
  • Among US age groups, listenership is growing among Gen Z as many individuals in that generation enter the workforce and build disposable income.

Why these trends matter: Large advertisers and media companies are becoming more active in podcasts, seeing them as a tool to build brand awareness.

  • US podcast ad spending is expected to top $2 billion next year. YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts are the leading platforms among US adults who listen to 5 hours or more of podcasts each week, but other companies including Twitter and iHeartMedia see growth opportunities.

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