The Banking & Payments Show: Banking through the storm—Ad-justing strategies

On today’s podcast episode, we discuss how banks are adjusting their ad spending in a world with high rates, economic turmoil, and a shift to digital advertising.

• In our “Headlines” segment, we dig deep on a recently published Insider Intelligence report covering our forecasts for ad spending by US banks and credit unions.

• In “Story by Numbers,” we discuss how fewer mortgages are affecting banks' net interest income and what that means for their marketing budgets. We also examine Ally Bank’s increased ad spending.

• In “For Argument’s Sake,” we talk about how large banks are doubling down on digital ad spending while smaller institutions are cutting their spending, which could lead to the eventual demise of smaller traditional banks. Tune in to the discussion with host Rob Rubin and our director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

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