Pizza Hut invests in AI to drive customer satisfaction

The news: Pizza Hut is building out new technologies to improve the customer experience—and reclaim its throne as the delivery king, according to VentureBeat.

More on this: While Pizza Hut was among the first to offer online orders, it’s looking to capture market share by investing in analytics and AI to improve the customer experience, as well as sales.

  • Tristan Burns, global head of analytics at Pizza Hut, said the company is developing its own tech stack that analyzes not just each consumer’s behavior, but also external factors such as the local weather, to deliver the best possible product recommendations. “There are limitations when you use an off-the-shelf platform,” he said.
  • At the same time, the company has leveraged third-party tools as needed, including digital experience analytics platform Contentsquare, which enables Pizza Hut to evaluate click rate, scroll rate, and other metrics as a visual overlay on their app and website.

The opportunity: Globally, the online food delivery industry is a $126.91 billion opportunity, per April 2021 estimates by Research and Markets. Brands with strong name recognition, along with a novel approach to surfacing relevant product recommendations, have an opening to capture more of this rapid-growth market.

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