Payments and Digital Commerce Platforms 2023

How Platforms Are Harnessing Payments to Spur Growth

Digital commerce platforms are expanding beyond helping businesses build, manage, and scale their online stores to providing payments solutions. This is a boon to platforms and their payment provider partners, which both benefit from enhancing platforms’ merchant relationships and building new revenue streams.

Key Question: How is digital commerce platforms’ embrace of payment processing contributing to their overall growth?

KEY STAT: US digital commerce platforms’ gross payment value will increase 9.0% in 2023—capturing an increasingly higher share of their retail ecommerce sales, even as sales growth falls below pre-pandemic levels.

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Table of Contents

  1. Digital commerce platforms are fast becoming payment providers.
  2. 3 leading digital commerce platforms process merchant payments in-house.
  1. 2 other major platforms provide payments through partnerships.
  2. What do payments solutions providers need to focus on in 2023?
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Jaime Toplin, and David Morris


Eleni Digalaki
Principal Analyst
Chris Keating
Director, Research
Wendy Louie-Lam
Senior Forecasting Analyst

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