Paid Social Forecast Report H1 2024

ROAS and Results Cut Through Gathering Political, Legal Clouds

The AI-driven results that carried social platforms out of their recent funk will power a strong year of growth in 2024. For now, ad buyers have shelved their concerns about the opacity of ad tools such as Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC+).

Key Question: How is ad spending across social’s leading platforms evolving?

Key Stat: Social video grew into the largest channel of US social ad spending in 2023, accounting for 52.5% of it. In 2025, social video will generate more ad spending than linear TV.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Amid unprecedented scrutiny, advertisers continue to plow budgets into social
    3. AI is now central to social ad buying
    4. Retail and CPG advertisers are shaping social ad offerings
    1. Social video ad spending will be huge again in 2024
    2. Social search has advertisers’ attention
    3. Platform snapshot: Meta
    4. Platform snapshot: TikTok
    1. Platform snapshot: the second tier
    2. EMARKETER Interviews
    3. Sources
    4. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Avi Ben-Zvi
    General Manager, North America
    Interviewed March 19, 2024
    Nathan Byrd
    Vice President, Paid Social
    Interviewed March 22, 2024
    Kevin Goodwin
    New Engen
    Vice President, Digital Marketing
    Interviewed March 21, 2024
    Jack Johnston
    Senior Director, Social Innovation
    Interviewed March 26, 2024
    Shuree Jones
    Rain the Growth Agency
    Group Director, Paid Social and Influencer Media
    Interviewed March 25, 2024
    Dane Kragness
    Taktical Digital
    Director, Paid Media
    Interviewed April 2, 2024
    Amy Luca
    Executive Vice President, Global Head of Social
    Interviewed March 22, 2024
    Sadie Miller
    Senior Vice President, Social Media Partnerships and Strategy
    Interviewed March 26, 2024
    Rob Silver
    Executive Vice President, National Media Lead
    Interviewed March 28, 2024

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