Of the top US retailers, Apple expects the strongest holiday ecommerce sales

While Amazon has the largest share of holiday ecommerce sales this year at 41.9%, Apple will post the strongest growth at 36.9%. These sales will be driven by the new iPhone 13, Apple Watch, and iPads that were released prior to Q4.

Apple is the only top retailer besides Amazon that will grow its share of holiday ecommerce sales this year. We expect Apple’s share to reach 6.1%, right behind Walmart’s 6.8% share.

Dive deeper:

  • The top six retailers with the highest ecommerce sales during the holiday season will represent 63.0% of total US holiday ecommerce sales and 14.0% of total US ecommerce sales this year.
  • Total holiday ecommerce sales for those six retailers surpassed $100 billion last year due to a pandemic-driven surge in online shopping. Their ecommerce sales will grow stronger than overall holiday ecommerce this year (17.5%) to reach $133.24 billion.

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