Meta’s path to recovery paved by expensive layoffs

The news: Meta’s stock rebounded and the company briefly enjoyed $500 billion in market capitalization, making Meta the best performer in the S&P Index since November.

Paving the way to recovery: Meta’s shares rose as much as 25% in trading Thursday after CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to make the social media company leaner. 

  • Zuckerberg is embracing his role as Meta’s chopper-in-chief.
  • The company will likely implement more layoffs and divest itself of underperforming business units as it enters its “year of efficiency.”
  • Meta is reportedly canceling multiple data center projects and closing and merging offices. 

Meta’s layoffs were costly: The company may have spent more than $88,000 per employee to cut 13% of its global workforce, per Insider. 

  • The cost of reducing headcount in the company’s most significant job cut ever could indicate continued expenses as the company scrambles to recover.
  • Meta’s “move fast and break things” mantra might be applied to job cuts, which could result in brain drain within the company.
  • Layoffs will likely continue to cost Meta money, eating into any short-term gains.

But what about the metaverse? To the delight of Wall Street analysts, Meta’s year-old pivot into a VR metaverse platform provider was hardly mentioned during the earnings call. Instead, Meta’s messaging focused on potential growth businesses like advertising, content feeds, and Reels.

Our take: Meta will continue to play the shell game, focusing on growth segments and profits, while keeping metaverse developments and expenditures on the down low. 

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