Media Habits of Millennials in Canada 2018

Five Key Personas to Understand and Target

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Marketing to millennials is a top priority for many brands, but treating the demographic as a single group misses the opportunity for precise targeting.

Consumers born between 1981 and 1996 make up the millennial generation, a broad age range that encompasses a variety of life stages. On the younger extreme are students entering post-secondary education, whose tastes and preferences are very different than older millennials, who might be homeowners and parents of young children. Effectively targeting within the millennial cohort is paramount, and increases the likelihood that brands will achieve relevance with this lucrative demographic.

  • More than 7.3 million millennials reside in Canada, making them the largest age group since the baby boomers. Brands have long sought relevance with this group to tap into decades of future buying power.
  • Millennials’ media consumption is fragmented across digital sources and devices. Digital media claims most of their time, but traditional media—especially TV—maintains a strong share of their overall time spent with media.
  • Subsegmenting millennials into smaller groups makes sense to ensure effective campaign targeting. Personas that can be applied to this group include homebuyers, young professionals, worker bees, online shoppers and activist voters.

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  2. Five Millennial Personas: Segmenting Within the Demographic
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Intercept Group
Interviewed April 13, 2018
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KFC Canada
Senior Marketing Manager, Media, Digital and Ecommerce
Interviewed April 27, 2018
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Vice President, Analytics and Insight
Interviewed April 25, 2018
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Account Director
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Royal LePage
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Abacus Data
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Roots Canada
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Interviewed May 1, 2018
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Communications Director
Interviewed April 18, 2018
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Founder and CEO
Interviewed May 3, 2018
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Microsoft Canada
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Point2 Homes
Communications Specialist
Interviewed May 3, 2018
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Air Miles
Vice President, Marketing
Interviewed May 4, 2018
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Environics Institute for Survey Research
Executive Director
Interviewed April 26, 2018
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DAC Group
Vice President, Digital Media Services
Interviewed May 4, 2018
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Elections Ontario
Director, Communications and Strategic Services
Interviewed May 9, 2018


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