Marketing Beyond the Screen

Using Voice Technology to Boost Brand Engagement

Phrases like “Hey, Siri,” “Hey, Alexa” and “OK, Google” are quickly becoming part of our everyday lexicon. As more consumers become comfortable with digital voice assistants, smart speakers and other voice-first devices, more companies are looking to leverage voice control technology to their advantage.

For marketers, voice-activated hardware and software presents a cornucopia of opportunities to engage target audiences in more personalized and frictionless ways. This report examines the implications of voice control, the hurdles to adoption for both consumers and marketers, as well as some early experiments. It also offers first steps to consider when planning a voice strategy.

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Table of Contents

  1. Talking Is the New Typing
  2. Recognizing the Potential
  3. Understanding Voice Control
  4. Voice Search Is the Gateway to Discovery
  5. Optimizing for Voice Search
  6. Advertising Still Limited
  1. How Much Is That Skill Being Used?
  2. Is Voice Shopping Ready for Prime Time?
  3. Guiding the Shopper’s Journey
  4. Reducing Friction in Customer Service
  5. What’s Holding Voice Back?
  6. Getting Started with Voice: Considerations for Marketers
  1. Key Takeaways
  2. eMarketer Interviews
  3. Read Next
  4. Sources
  5. Media Gallery

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Gina Garrubbo
National Public Media
President and CEO
Interviewed May 1, 2018
Meg Goldthwaite
Interviewed May 1, 2018
Doug Robinson
Fresh Digital Group
Interviewed May 22, 2018
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Director, Research and Innovation
Interviewed May 9, 2018
Mark Book
Digitas LBi
Senior Vice President, Digitas Studios
Interviewed May 16, 2018
Lynne Capozzi
Interviewed May 9, 2018
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Director, Consumer Experience and Consumer Insight
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Interviewed March 15, 2018
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Smart Communications
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Vice President, Commercialization
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Vice President, Strategy and Consulting
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Mindshare North America
Managing Director, Head of Life+
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Interviewed April 17, 2018
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Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions
Interviewed April 12, 2018
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Executive Director, Emerging Technology
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Senior Editor, Home Entertainment
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Director, North America, Verbal Identity and Naming Practice
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Chief Product Officer
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Brian Walker
AE Marketing Group
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George Wright
Smart Communications
Christopher Neff
The Community
Senior Director, Innovation
Interviewed April 10, 2018


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Caroline Cakebread
Junior Analyst
Jaimie Chung
Associate Product Manager
Sean Creamer
Chris Keating
Research Director
Man-Chung Cheung
Research Analyst
Jennifer Pearson
VP, Research