Marketers' Roundtable: Why It's Now or Never for Augmented Reality

Seven experts discuss the state of the market

Tony Bevilacqua
Founder, CEO
Tom Emrich
Super Ventures
Adam Fingerman
Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer
Ben Gaddis
Jeff Lucas
Vice President, Head of Americas Sales and Global Teams
Keith Soljacich
Vice President, Experiential Technology
Jacob Taylor
Founder, CEO
Civitas Marketing

Augmented reality has not yet lived up to its promise of revolutionizing the way we interact with the world. But as the technology advances and the big players buckle down, it’s dawning on marketers that now might actually be AR's moment. Here, AR investors, marketers and tech providers weigh in on why the market is ready for AR, and why it's the right time for marketers to make their move.

Consumers are ready.

Jeff Lucas:

What makes AR so attractive for brands is that people can access the advanced content through devices they already own. And consumers are hungry for engaging, well-executed XR [AR and VR] ad experiences that provide utility, enhance reality and create meaningful connections with brands.

Adam Fingerman:

Pokémon Go is what did it. You had not just enthusiasts or hobbyists, but everyday people using the game in an interesting way. People didn’t care so much that it was AR. The technology took a backseat. That’s how you know something is ready for prime time—the experience is leading it.

Tom Emrich:

The users are telling us that they're ready to do something more with the devices in their hands. They are strapping them to their faces, holding them up and walking around parks to find Pikachus.

Interview conducted on August 1, 2018

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