Marketers Turn to a Range of Technologies to Gauge Effectiveness

Many marketing stacks are stacked

Marketers rely on a wide range of technologies to measure their digital ad effectiveness, from data management platforms (DMPs) to marketing automation.

In fact, new data from Salesforce found that business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) advertisers are somewhat similar in terms of the technologies they use to measure their efforts.

Half of B2B advertisers surveyed said they used a marketing attribution platform to measure digital ad effectiveness, while 48% of B2C advertisers said the same.

Similarly, 55% of B2B respondents mentioned using a website analytics platform, as did 53% of B2C respondents.

While there were some similarities in regard to the technologies both types of advertisers used, there were some contrasts as well. For example, B2Bs were more likely than B2Cs to use a technology like CRM reporting. They were also more likely to use in-house solutions, as well as DMPs.

Overall, marketers' investment in marketing technologies is growing. A separate survey from Squiz attests to this. The study found nearly two-thirds of senior marketers surveyed in Australia, the UK and the US had heavily invested in marketing technology within the preceding year.