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Data Fuels Personalization Strategies and Better User Experiences

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Loyalty programs are a natural way to collect first-party data, but they suffer from low activity due to consumer dissatisfaction. We examine can be done to deliver rewards to customers and the marketers running the programs.

Lured by an immediate discount and the promise of future rewards, consumers hand over basic personal information such as email addresses and income levels to retailers, restaurants, hotels and airlines when they join loyalty programs. But too often that doesn’t translate to a long-term relationship.

  • Successful loyalty programs use the opportunity to collect first-party data to better understand how to engage with customers and deliver relevant experiences. According to experts who spoke with eMarketer, these are the three tactics that should be employed when structuring a loyalty program:
  • Personalization. Using data to get a deep understanding of loyalty members, going beyond demographic profiles and buying preferences to learn what content in messaging will best engage members.
  • Customer experience. Using data to guide the brand as it tracks the consumer journey, so a marketer can anticipate which benefits members will most likely engage with after the initial sign-up.
  • Omnichannel. Learning through interactions from members how they access the loyalty program and ensure that the program functions across multiple channels, both online and off.

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Table of Contents

  1. Loyalty Sign-Up: The Start of a Beautiful Relationship? Not Always
  2. Personalization
  3. Customer Experience
  1. Omnichannel
  2. Key Takeaways for Loyalty Program Marketers
  3. eMarketer Interviews
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Interviewed for This Report

Michaela Baxter
Senior Director, Loyalty
Interviewed May 15, 2018
Guy Cierzan
ICF Olson
Executive Vice President, Managing Director
Interviewed May 30, 2018
Mir Aamir
Quotient Technology
President and CEO
Interviewed March 12, 2018
Assaf Baciu
Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Product and Engineering
Interviewed May 15, 2018
Rachel Bicking
Connexions Loyalty
Senior Vice President, Data and Analytics
Interviewed May 22, 2018
Don Black
Director, Product Management
Interviewed April 30, 2018
Sean Claessen
Bond Brand Loyalty
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Innovation
Interviewed March 6, 2018
Devon DeBlasio
Senior Manager, Product Marketing
Interviewed April 30, 2018
Bill Demas
Interviewed May 19, 2018
Mary Hines
Managing Director, Benefits, New Product Development and Global Rewards
Interviewed March 6, 2018
Sherrill Kaplan
Dunkin’ Brands
Vice President, Digital Marketing and Innovation
Interviewed March 15, 2018
Diane Kegley
Proof Analytics
Interviewed March 9, 2018
Scott Robinson
Bond Brand Loyalty
Vice President, Design and Strategy
Interviewed March 6, 2018
Lori Walker
Senior Manager, Product Management
Interviewed April 30, 2018
Mark Weinstein
Senior Vice President and Global Head of Customer Engagement, Loyalty and Partnerships
Interviewed May 30, 2018
Don Yee
Senior Consultant
Interviewed March 13, 2018


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Tricia Carr
Managing Editor, Interviews
Rebecca Chadwick
Senior Researcher
Yoram Wurmser
Principal Analyst

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