Latin America Trends to Watch for 2023

New Opportunities in Retail Media, Livestreaming Ecommerce, and AVOD

Latin America’s digital economy is bucking the global trend of slow growth. In 2023, expect changing search habits, rapid adoption of livestreaming ecommerce, and new ad-supported streaming options to accelerate the region’s digital transformation.

Ecommerce and Digital Advertising Are Bright Spots Amid Economic Slowdown

Retailers and advertisers will face turbulence in 2023, as GDP growth in Latin America comes to a halt and inflation remains high at 11.4%, per the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Despite this, retail ecommerce sales and digital ad spending in the region will grow by double digits in 2023.

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  1. Ecommerce and Digital Advertising Are Bright Spots Amid Economic Slowdown
  2. Consumers’ Evolving Search Habits Fuel Retail Media Advertising
  3. Livestreaming Ecommerce Takes Off
  1. Netflix Faces an Uphill Battle With Its Ad-Supported Tier
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