Kids remember seeing ads on YouTube over streaming, TikTok

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Key stat: Over half (51%) of US children recall seeing commercials on YouTube recently, the top platform for recognition across multiple digital channels, according to an October 2023 survey from Precise TV.

Beyond the chart:

  • 28.6 million US children under 12 will watch YouTube this year, according to our forecast.
  • Though Gen Alpha is young, it’s wise for marketers to think about how and where to connect with the next generation of consumers.
  • They’re already influencing purchasing decisions—55% of parents with children under 4 say their kids asked for a specific product they saw online, according to a December 2022 survey by Morning Consult. That number increases among parents of children ages 5-7 (72%) and ages 8-9 (75%).

Use this chart:

  • Prepare for marketing to Gen Alpha.
  • Justify or adjust ad spend on YouTube.

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Methodology: Data is from the February 2024 Precise TV "PARK: Precise Advertiser Report - Kids Winter 2024." 2,000 US children ages 2-12 and their parents were surveyed during October 2023.

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