Infopack: The Ecommerce Experience

Consumer Expectations and Pain Points as They Shop Online

About This Report
Brands and retailers need to understand what customers expect from the ecommerce experience—and how to deliver on it. This infopack provides the most relevant information to help you navigate the opportunities in ecommerce.

US ecommerce will keep growing at a rapid pace, reaching $1.732 trillion in sales and touching 81.0% of the US population by 2028. To take advantage of this opportunity, retailers and brands need to understand customer expectations of the ecommerce experience and how to best deliver on those expectations.

This infopack provides a collection of the most relevant information to help you and your customers understand:

  • The size of the ecommerce market
  • Customer expectations of the ecommerce experience
  • The key drivers of the ecommerce experience across the shopper journey

Here’s what’s in the full report


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Jennifer Pearson, and Amy Rotondo


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