Influencer Monetization 2023

Payment, Content, Platform, and Measurement Tactics to Optimize Creator Campaigns

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Marketers continue to up their spend on creator campaigns. But effectively allocating those dollars is getting more challenging as prices rise, the number of channels expands, and measurement still lags. In this report, we provide best practices for navigating creator partnerships.

Key Question: How can brands maximize their influencer marketing spending in 2023?

KEY STAT: Instagram remains the top platform for sponsored content, per a March 2023 report from Later and Mavrck, and more creators worldwide report being paid to create Reels compared with TikTok videos.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Report Snapshot
    2. Expect to spend more on influencer marketing this year.
    3. Lead with the creative, not the format.
    4. Use multichannel campaigns to maximize spending and impact.
    1. Establish longer-term payment strategies with trusted creators.
    2. Focus on relevancy and authority to drive sales.
    3. Measure platforms individually and democratize data access.
    4. Insider Intelligence Interviews
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    Interviewed for This Report

    Sean Atkins
    Interviewed April 14, 2023
    Ricky Ray Butler
    Interviewed April 25, 2023
    Dan Pantelo
    Interviewed April 25, 2023

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