How Mercer’s Global CMO Modernized the Marketing Department

How Mercer’s Global CMO Modernized the Marketing Department

And put collaboration at the center

When Jeanniey Mullen started as global CMO at human resources consulting firm Mercer, she had a vision to digitally transform the marketing team and, in turn, the business. A year later, she spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about the changes she has implemented to give the marketing division a seat at the table, and drive innovative and cross-team collaboration. Mullen was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s May report, "The Modern Marketing Department 2018: Evolution Through Digital Transformation."


What changes did you implement when you started as CMO in 2017?

Jeanniey Mullen:

The marketing initiatives and activities prior to me stepping into the global CMO role about a year ago were fairly traditional. Under my leadership, we took a look at what marketing was doing as a division and how we could digitally transform the business.

The first move was a pretty significant reorganization of the marketing group—not just with the actual people, but also in the way the organization was structured. We realigned the marketing organization to be very in sync with the business.

Interview conducted on April 4, 2018