How Marketers Are Navigating Facebook Post-Cambridge Analytica

There's a major lesson to be learned

An interview with:
Danny Kourianos
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Rakuten Marketing

It took the Cambridge Analytica revelations for Facebook to nix third-party data access through its Partner Categories tool, and the change is pushing marketers toward more first-party data sources. eMarketer's Sean Creamer spoke with Danny Kourianos, senior vice president of marketing at Rakuten Marketing, an integrated marketing solutions firm specializing in first-party data, about how the media frenzy resulted in a positive movement for the marketing industry. Kourianos was interviewed as part of eMarketer's June report, "Changes to Facebook Advertising After Cambridge Analytica: What's Happening with Usage, Advertising and Data Privacy."


How have advertisers reacted to the changes made by Facebook?

Danny Kourianos :

Facebook's restrictions around Partner Categories and third-party data access have advertisers concerned. The volume of third-party data made it an invaluable tool to advertisers. These restrictions created a need for new data sources.

But third-party data didn't perform well, because of the dubious nature of its collection. Marketers are using their first-party data—or first-party data like ours—that has weathered Facebook's aggressive data restrictions.

Interview conducted on May 2, 2018

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