How Gen Z evaluates new brands and products

Gen Zers are more calculated in their purchase decisions and are less likely to make impulse purchases compared with older generations. Social media is just one tool they use to evaluate products.

What actions do Gen Zers take after discovering new brands or products on social media?

Social is powerful, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Although Gen Zers are more likely to use social media for shopping discovery, they are generally in line with older generations when it comes to evaluating brands and products. Search engines are the most common consideration-stage tools for Gen Zers—and shoppers of all ages—regardless of where they first discovered new brands and products.

  • Retailer sites are still an important tool for Gen Z in the consideration stage. More than 34% of Gen Zers who discovered a new brand or product on social media went on to look up the item on a retail website or app. While retail sites are not as popular with Gen Z in the shopping discovery stage, they’re still relevant further down the path to purchase.
  • Social discovery doesn’t lead to impulse buying. While social media is a popular discovery destination for Gen Z shoppers, product awareness often occurs either before users begin actively shopping or during the very early stages. Shoppers who discover new brands or products on social media are far less likely to make an immediate purchase compared with those who do so in-store and on online shopping channels.

What role does social media play when shopping discovery occurs in-store?

Gen Zers are more likely to use social media to research brands and products they discover in-store, but it’s just one of several actions they are likely to take. Gen Zers are more likely to leverage resources—including search engines, family and friends, and brand websites—in the consideration stage compared with older generations. They are also less likely to make impulse purchases of items they discover in-store.

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