How digital is driving opportunities for women in the workplace

Join us to hear eMarketer principal analysts Debra Aho Williamson and Jillian Ryan, vice president of forecasting Monica Peart, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watsonin conversation with Insider Intelligence senior vice president of content Zia Daniell Wigder and Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neillin a live webinar centering on women in the workforce. Click here to reserve your seat.

You’ve probably heard about how the pandemic has had an outsize economic impact on women in the workforce—and not in a good way.

Many working women have faced numerous challenges over the past year, including disproportionate job loss, limited advancement opportunities, an imbalance of work and home life, and a relapse into traditional gender roles as lockdown measures confined them and their families to the home.

There is great interest in empowering women in today’s rapidly changing workplace, and one way is by emphasizing the role of women in workplace technology. Accelerated tech adoption by businesses and consumers over the past year has caused skills within the digital space to change—and more women are preparing themselves for new jobs that will center on these skills.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and dig deeper into these topics, Insider Intelligence is hosting a special Meet the Analyst webinar, “Digital Transformation: Driving Opportunities for Women in the New Era,” featuring a panel with four women who shape our company’s research coverage—and culture—every day.

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, our panelists will not only share personal experiences of how the pandemic has affected them as working women, but also provide their perspectives on some of the biggest questions organizations are parsing through right now, including:

  • What digital behaviors have changed over the past year?
  • Which of the most in-demand skills are changing amid the digitalization of work—and what does it mean for women preparing for the jobs of the future?
  • What can businesses do to better support women in the workplace?
  • How can companies ensure solid representation of women, not only in entry-level roles, but also at the most senior level?