How a Quest to Boost Conversion Rates Resulted in a Company's Digital Transformation

Lessons learned by one telecom giant

An interview with:
Glen Hartman
Senior Managing Director and Lead for North America and Global Digital Marketing/Transformation
Accenture Interactive

What started with a typical goal to increase conversion rates led a major telecom to have a large scale digital transformation in order to meet their customers’ needs. Glen Hartman, senior managing director and lead for Accenture Interactive North America and global digital marketing/transformation, walked Marketer’s Jillian Ryan through a client's journey to ultimately better serve the customer. Hartman was interviewed as part of eMarketer’s May report, "The Modern Marketing Department 2018: Evolution Through Digital Transformation."


How does Accenture Interactive advise its clients on their digital transformation efforts?

Glen Hartman:

Our goal is to help our clients reverse engineer their organization, operating models and marketing approach around the customer. That means working so that all teams come together and understand how an organization needs to shift to deliver customer-centric experiences.


Can you share an example of how you worked with a company in that vein?

Glen Hartman:

We worked with a large telecommunication company that came to us with the benign request to help improve the conversion rate of their paid media. As we underwent this project, the implications for this impacted the entire company.

When [new customers] actually converted, it occurred in the call center—which we weren’t prepared for.


Can you elaborate on their goals?

Interview conducted on April 2, 2018

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