A happy employee leads to a happy customer

Win-win situation: The benefits of investing in employees go far beyond reducing turnover, Patty Soltis said on a recent “Reimagining Retail” podcast episode.

  • A better employee experience can actually improve business outcomes, according to our analyst Patty Soltis. “Happy employees generate more revenues and cost a lot less money,” she said
  • According to Soltis, happy employees result in higher cross sales, higher average unit sales, a higher number of items per transaction, and a decrease in returns.

More than money: And while pay is a big part of the equation, it’s not the only variable.

  • Improving the employee experience can mean anything from having the right materials for day-to-day operations to providing things like paid sick leave.
  • There’s a psychological component, too; feeling valued can go a long way toward employee engagement.

Keep your ears open: At the end of the day, the most important thing is to listen and be transparent.

  • “Employees need to feel like they’re being heard. And whatever expectations they have, you need to be sure you’re meeting them or explaining why you can’t,” said our analyst Suzy Davidkhanian.

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