Gucci’s persistent home on Roblox could bode well for its metaverse ambitions

The news: Gucci has launched Gucci Town, an ongoing experience on immersive gaming platform Roblox, per Marketing Dive.

  • The brand had previously run a Roblox campaign, Gucci Garden, on Roblox in May of last year.

More on this: Gucci Town builds on the luxury icon’s previous metaverse campaigns as well as Vault, its concept store. It includes a Creative Corner, an exhibition space, a Power-Up Place for community members to hang out together, and of course, a virtual Gucci shop.

  • Visitors to the experience can earn GG Gems, an in-experience currency, that they can redeem for digital goods.
  • User avatars can be outfitted in Gucci attire, using Roblox's new Layered Clothing advances that provide more realistic-looking fits on different virtual body types.

What it means: Roblox will be unable to scale as a platform if every brand that runs an experience on the platform is a one-off. Gucci’s doubling down on a platform like Roblox suggests its initial “test and learn” met or beat expectations.

  • The unveiling of Gucci Town also suggests the brand is committed to a long-term, permanent space on Roblox where it can continue to engage and grow its community, much like social media has been used by brands for the past decade.

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