Google Wallet updates verification settings to speed up payments

The news: Google Wallet updated its verification settings so users can make payments faster, per 9to5Google.

  • Users can now disable the required identity verification for certain purchases, letting them pay even if their phone is locked.
  • The setting is only available for transit payments, but other types of transactions could be added in the future.

Why this matters: Letting users turn off verification will make the wallet more convenient, which should help boost user satisfaction.

  • Forty-one percent of US consumers said convenience was the primary reason they used digital wallets, per a Forbes Advisory survey.
  • While customers may not feel comfortable turning off verification for all transactions, they may appreciate using it for transit payments, which are typically low value and often made in a hurry.

The bigger picture: Google is transforming its mobile wallet to better compete against the likes of Apple Pay.

First Published on Mar 29, 2024

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