Google, Facebook, and Amazon to account for 64% of US digital ad spending this year

The forecast: US digital ad spending will soar past $200 billion this year, marking 38.3% growth from 2020. The triopoly of Google, Facebook, and Amazon will make up 64.0% of all US digital ad spending this year, about the same share they possessed in 2020.

Dive deeper:

  • This year's $211.20 billion in US ad spend marks a $20 billion increase from our previous projection, due in part to the stronger-than-expected performance of major digital ad companies and significant growth in ad prices.
  • Google, Facebook, and Amazon made slight gains during the pandemic, with their share growing 1 percentage point from 63% in 2019. Looking ahead to 2023, we expect Google to lose share of the digital ad market, Facebook to stay fairly stable, and Amazon to gain share.
  • Display will continue to gain share of the overall ad market throughout the duration of our forecast. Search's share will remain about the same this year as in 2020, before falling slightly through 2025.

Looking ahead: We forecast US digital ad spend overall will pass the $300 billion mark in 2025.