Global Social Media Update 2023

The Landscape Is in Flux—but Social Keeps Growing

Report Snapshot

Social media users across the globe should be the most coveted audience for advertisers. They reflect all ages, regions, and levels of affluence, and their preferences and tastes are clear by the platforms they choose.

Key Question: What’s ahead for the five biggest social networks in the world?

KEY STAT: Almost half (48.3%) of the world’s population will be social network users this year.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. Social media maintains its massive—still-growing—audience.
  3. Meta’s user, advertising, and regulatory challenges persist.
  1. ByteDance’s rise is threatened by potential TikTok bans in key markets.
  2. Twitter’s struggles will result in hemorrhaging ad revenues.
  3. Messaging apps have the same reach as mobile social media.
  1. What does all this mean for marketers and advertisers?
  2. Media Gallery

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Paul Briggs


Iwona Drapala
Senior Forecasting Analyst
Debra Aho Williamson
Principal Analyst

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