Germany Digital Ad Spending by Industry 2023

Low to No Growth Across Most Industries, but Some Green Shoots for 2024

The threat of recession still looms large in Germany, so it’s little surprise to see digital advertising growth constrained across most industries. Only travel has seen any significant growth, though that’s from a very small, pandemic-induced starting point. Next year promises to offer a more positive performance, though.

Key Question: How have different industries’ digital ad investments been affected by the tough economic conditions?

KEY STAT: Travel will be the only industry to see notable growth in digital advertising outlays this year, spiking by 16.5% YoY; other sectors will see much lower annual growth rates thanks to economic conditions.

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    Table of Contents

    1. Executive Summary
    2. As the threat of recession looms, the digital advertising market will feel the pinch across most industries.
    1. Industry-by-industry trends.
    2. Insider Intelligence Interviews
    1. Media Gallery

    Interviewed for This Report

    Toby McAra
    Making Science
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Interviewed June 9, 2023
    Khurram Moiz
    Lead Principal, Retail Customer Success
    Interviewed June 9, 2023
    Paul Nasse
    Integral Ad Science
    Regional Vice President, Agency Partnerships EMEA
    Interviewed May 20, 2023
    Evgeny Popov
    Verve Group
    Executive Vice President and General Manager, International Growth
    Interviewed June 9, 2023
    Raphaelle Tripet
    Managing Director, International Demand
    Interviewed May 19, 2023

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    First Published on Sep 27, 2023


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