Generative AI Chatbots in Social Media

What to Know About Snap’s My AI, TikTok’s Tako, and Other ChatGPT-Style Search Tools

Report Snapshot

The generative AI (genAI) goldrush has arrived at an opportune time for social advertisers: Social search is ramping up, and genAI-powered chatbots could eventually augment ad strategies. But they could also exacerbate many of social media’s existing problems, like privacy concerns and low trust.

Key Question: What do genAI-powered chatbots mean for search habits and advertising on social media?

KEY STAT: Fewer than 25% of US adults trust how genAI is being used in social media, per January 2023 data from Big Village.

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Snapshot
  2. ChatGPT fever has hit social media.
  1. GenAI chatbots present opportunities and challenges for advertisers.
  2. What’s the best course of action for advertisers?
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