Gen Zers aren’t facing financial reality—but banks can help

"Delulu"—slang for delusional—is a popular Gen Z refrain used to describe achieving outcomes through the power of positive thinking. But Gen Zers’ delulu approach isn’t working for their financial lives.

  • There’s a mismatch in spending beliefs. Over half (57%) of Gen Zers are having trouble making ends meet, per a December 2022 survey from Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Yet 64.4% of Gen Zers said they can easily cover discretionary spending, according to our September 2023 US Mobile Banking Emerging Features Benchmark survey.
  • Their retirement expectations also don’t line up. Most Gen Zers don’t prioritize saving for retirement. Yet far more expect to retire before age 65 than among any other generation, per Transamerica. Moreover, “retiring before the age of 50” is a top financial goal for 17% of Gen Zers—well above the 8% for overall consumers, according to an August 2023 Empower survey.

Bridging the gap between Gen Zers’ aspirations and current financial situation offers banks customer touchpoints.


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