Gen Z Technology and Media Preferences

Streaming, Social Media, and Gaming Are More Than Just Daily Habits

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Streaming video and music top Gen Z adults’ media activities, but their digital lives aren't just about entertainment. The multitasking, multidevice cohort treats the intersection of media and technology as a lifeline for socializing and staying informed.

The younger cohort of Gen Z is aging into the workforce, but are their technology and media habits aging with them? With smartphones, streaming, and social networks woven into their daily lives, Gen Zers consider the combination of media and technology pivotal in maintaining community and staying informed.

Key Question: What are Gen Z’s technology and media preferences in 2023?

KEY STAT: Streaming video and music are US Gen Z adults’ top two daily media activities, per a May 2023 Morning Consult survey.

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First Published on Sep 21, 2023


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