Gen Z prefers to research brands on social media over search engines

Key stat: Over half (51%) of Gen Z consumers worldwide use social media to look up a brand versus 45% who turn to search engines, per GWI Core data from 2023.

Beyond the chart:

  • The top reason Gen Z likes to use the search function of social media is because it helps them get the information they want quickly, cited by 60.1% of Gen Z social search users, per our October 2023 survey.
  • They also like to search on social because results are relevant (36.7%), visual (26.5%), and because it’s fun (21.4%), per our survey.
  • If traditional search engines like Google or retailers like Amazon want to win Gen Zers’ favor, they need to take a cue from social and make search results more engaging and relevant.

Use this chart:

  • Track Gen Z search behaviors over time.
  • Justify ad spend on paid social channels, specifically in search results.

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