Gen Z favors brands that support mental health, sustainability, and equity

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Key stat: Gen Zers in the US want their brands to support mental health more than any other cause, cited by 53% of those surveyed by ICSC and Big Village. Tied for second place are environmental causes, including climate change and sustainability, and racial and gender equity (47% each).

Beyond the chart:

  • More than 40% of US Gen Z adults have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, according to Harmony Healthcare IT.
  • Consumers can see through performative gestures, so brands focusing on mental health, sustainability, and antiracism efforts need to make sure they’re fulfilling long-term commitments.

Use this chart:

  • Create value-based messaging that resonates with customer needs without being performative.
  • Use customer insights to personalize content for niche groups within the larger Gen Z segment.

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Methodology: Data is from a June 2023 ICSC and Big Village report titled "The Rise of the Gen Z Consumer." 1,008 US Gen Z respondents ages 16-26 were surveyed during March 2-8, 2023. The survey reflected a cross-section of part-time workers, full-time workers, and students, as well as living situations including those living at home with family or guardians, renters, homeowners, and college or university housing.

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